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I have several health problems and the medicines i got from my doctor gives me side effects.

1: I suffer from auditory hallucination and anxiety disorder.

2: As a side effect of these medicines that i take has left me without sex drive. I have no sex drive.

3: I cough up mucus.

4: I sleep a lot. It could be the side effects of the medicines that i take because prior to taking these medicines i had not such problem.

5: Forgetfulness. I forget things like where my car keys is are,  or i forget what i was going to do or say.

I was wondering if there are any Ayurvedic herbs/ remedies that can cure these symptoms? If there any herbs or remedies that can help, could you please list them?

Dear Ali

To give you max benefits from diet and herbs we need to hear more from you. In ayurveda we don't consider only symptoms but a thorough detail of your complete health and life style.
Considering your symptoms right now it looks like too much toxin accumulation. Please send your details like which medicines, complete history, general questions like body ht wt bowel habits.
Remove all grains from your diet for fifteen days. No market food and dairy. Be on soups and vegetables for two weeks. No salads and few fruits like apple and papaya you can have.
No cold food or cold water. If possible use ginger water ( boil ginger, fennel seeds in water)  four time a day. Take 2 spoons of castor oil at bed time. Do write me back after 2 weeks. 70 % you will be fine just by doing this.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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