I am predominantly Kapha dosha. And I feel very good when skipping breakfast, and skipping meal in general. I've been looking into Fasting. I have done water fasting for 7 days and it felt great. I would like to try to do a Dry fast (no water and no food).
Is there a name in ayurveda for dry fasting? Is there something you
can tell me about it? do you think it's appropriate for Kapha type?

Thank you very much!

ANSWER: Hello,

For Kapha people fasting do help a lot.
But dry fasting has no name in Ayurveda.It is a practice in Yoga and Tantra. It is practiced in Tantra only for attaining some special mystical powers.
In routine it can be done for one day only and doing this beyond this is very difficult and it may increase vata in the body.
So i request you to consult any good Ayurveda physician  in-person in your locality.
Feel free to write me any time for any further clarification.

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QUESTION: Thank you.

The reason I wanted to try a dry fast is because whenever I have not drunk any fluid for a couple of hours my edema/bloating will be alot better. I swell and bloat if I drink more than 4 cups of water a day. If i am not going to dry fast then how much do you think I should drink during a fast?. Being a Kapha that I am.

Thank you

ANSWER: I think you should think in a different way.as you are a kapha type person with jal mahabhuta predominance.This jal/water is accumulating in your body so we have to reduce this jal mahabhuta for that you have to take Punarnava decoction or extract etc.
But you can do simple milk fasting ,fruit fasting etc.

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QUESTION: Thank you. I will try Punarnava decoction.
I am avoiding all milk and dairy products now, avoiding mucus food.

Fruit fast means only eat fruit? How long should I fruit fast then?

I get this bloating in both stomach and face, that is not food-related.
It's weird because it can come and go in just minutes.
Like if I breath shallowly or if I do some type of exercise I get bloated.
I look like I am pregnant and my face is so Puffy!
But if I do some deep breathing Exercises or relaxation practice it goes down within 2 minutes.
Also at the time when I am bloated my nose will be clogged to, there is not snot or phlegm it's just
blocked, and when the bloating is gone then I can breath with my nose again.

Do you think this is my Kapha obstructing Vata dosha?

Also I was wondering does this website accept donations or are all of your help for free?

Thank you very much.

Fruit fasting can be done only for couple of days only.But it increase gas in abdomen.Be careful about this.
According to your this description it seems that your bloating is not water but it is vayu only.As you are a kapha person then it must be obstructing the vayu channels.So along with any type of fasting its better to take some herbs which will clears the vayu channels like Trikatu choornam or Chitrakadi vati or simply ginger juice for 5 days and let me know the progress.

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