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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Dehal,
please help me to get rid of fibroids. I have 2 of them around 3-4 cm. I am 38 years old, never was pregnant, but want to conceive. My height is 164 cm, weight 70 kg. I have heavy bleeding during the menstruation, which leads to anemia (hemoglobin 80-90). But the menstrual cycle is regular, stable and there is no bleeding between the menstruations. 1 week before menstruation I also feel water retention in the body and feel tired.
I am vegetarian, do not eat either meat or fish and eat few diary products. Nevetherless, I think I have estogen dominance and hence this problem with fibroids.
I have read on one website that you have proofs that fibroids of this size can be cured without operation. Please advice me of ayurvedic medicines..Your help will be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: Dear Mam,
I have cured fibroid of size upto  5 cm single and multiple. The medicine is prescribe is not freely available in the  market, few things are available but few things I prepare myself according to specific needs depending on patient.
If you want I can prepare these for you. If you are ready then let me know, I will like to know more about you.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Dehal,
please advise me those medicines that are available - in my country we can buy most of ayurvedic medicines, we have good supplies from India. And as far as those you prepare are concerned, please let me know how much can it cost to prepare and send them to Ukraine.
Thank you!

ANSWER: Before prescribing you the medicine I need more details about you, so please answer my these questions....
† What are your age, height and weight? How is your appetite & digestion? How many times you take food/snacks and drinks etc.? Are you veg or non-veg? Whatís the frequency of your urine, color etc.? How is your bowel/stool†habit? How is your sleep? Which food you like most daily? Do you have any other life-style disorder like diabetes, hypertension etc.? How often do you go for gym or jogging etc.? Do you feel any discomfort after taking food? Do you have any allergy? How often do you take drinks/wine? What do you like to do in your free time?† If possible send me your any photograph. Or anything you would like to share with me. † With this i will try to assess your constitution like Vata,Pitha and†Kapha. Then†i prepare the†medicines†depending on your constitution and problem.
Meantime  you ask about availability of Varanasi kashyam .

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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Dehal,
Thank you very much for the prompt answer! You are very kind to be ready to help!
As to the Varanasi kashyam, we have Varunadi kashyam in tablet form available. Is it what you meant?
I am glad to answer your questions. Please let me know if you need to know more.
I am 38 years old, height 164 cm, weight 69-70 kg. The fat is mostly around belly and breast, legs and arms are quite thin.
I am vegetarian for 7 years already, do not eat either meat or fish, eat very few diary products (mostly feta cheese). Regularly eat buckwheat, rice, vegetables, fruit, tofu, but also a lot of chocolate. Donít eat white bread, only black bread. I eat small portions but frequently. Usually I donít have much thirst. I donít drink any alcohol and donít smoke (but drank quite a lot 10-15 years ago). I donít go for sport regular, only small exercise at home (10-15 min).
Appetite is strong at 10-11 am and 12-13 am, at other times not so much. But if I want to eat and donít get food, I feel dizzy and weak. The frequency of urine is high (each 2-3 hours, except night), but my kidneys are ok (just recently checked) and there is no diabetes (also checked recently). Especially frequent it becomes 1 week before menstruation. Stool is 2-3 times a day, often of yellowish color, constipation is very rare. Sleep is 8-9 hours, usually good, but I absolutely canít fall asleep if there is any sound or light - sometimes it creates serious problems if I sleep near a noisy road.
I donít have any serious health disorders except of anemia. Because of anemia itís very hard for me to work full-time in the office, at the end of the day I feel exhausted, dizzy and absolutely incapable of doing something else. I also have spring allergy (pollen disease) at the end of May and whole June. In this time period I have very sore throat and running nose, have to take anti-allergic drugs every day, otherwise itís unbearable. This allergy started when I was 30. In youth I also had severe acne, especially at 18-25, and it continued in a weaker form till 35. Now I have sometimes single outbreaks, but now the skin is very dry both on face and body, and I canít go along without a moisturing crŤme.
Menstrual cycle is 30-32 days, regular, but with heavy flow and often with clots on 2-3 day. 1 week before menstruation I also feel water retention in the body and feel tired.
I have done a couple of ayurvedic tests and they all show different results. I think mentally I am more vata type (active mind, quickly grasp quickly forget, hard to make decisions, often anxiety etc.)., but the body is more pitta-kapha. Anyway you will be able to judge better.
I will send you a couple of my pictures to e-mail address. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much!!!
Sorry if this is too long:)

Varunadi kashyam is for urinary tract problem and varanadi kashyam is for Kapah dosha.But few companies are preparing with same name so can you tell me the company name of that Varunadi kashyam tablets ? Also ask for availability of  Sukumar kashyam,Pathyapoothikady kashaya and bala thailam.

Thanks you very much for such a detailed description.It really helped me to understand you.
It seems that you are a person with Vata-kapha prakruthi.
Now i can confidently prepare the medicines for you.regarding pricing i have replied to your email.


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