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Hi Doc,

    Am sreee,i have 25 on this coming october and i have a height of 166 cm.I know this age increase in height is not possible but any how help me to increase my height up 4-6 cm

   I heard about Female Support Cap for height growth from ur previous replies,is it helpful?? and i have a ladies like chest and am trying to reduce that withexercises,will this capsule increase the growth of my chest???

   Is there any other alternative ways for height incriment???/

  Please help me,dont say age is over and no chance or adjust with wat ever u have

Hope a positive reply from ur side

Dear Sree

I never advised any of such thing. I have not heard any one getting benefits from so called marketing gimmicks. Try healthy diet, exercises, stretching and swimmings. You can use ashwagandha and shatavari caps or powder.

Health and peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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