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I am 35 and having high BP 140/90. I wanted to try with Ayurvedic medicine first and went to the local Patanjali center in Pune.

They have given me Muktavati. 2---2 tabs, morning and night. But this medicine appears to have a lot of side effects. It gives me nasal congestion, I feel sleepy all day long, and so lethargic that I can't exercise. Even if it works, I do not think I will be able to take it.

I have never seen an Ayurvedic medicine with so many side effects.

Is there any other medicine that I can try?

Dear Rajesh

Sure there can be side effects. So you can do one thing to confirm. Keep a gap of one week or till you are symptom free and start again if it happens again then its confirmed you are having side effects.
This med can increase kapha or cooling in the body and you are showing symptoms of increased kappa only. So chances are there that you might be having side effects. First make sure that it is becauseof this med as i told. Next is check your BP again and see the status if it is in limit reduce the dose by half and check the results again. keep a watch on BP as well as symptoms. Even if it doesnt help you certainly i will prescribe some thing else.

But for that write me details about you if you are a kapha person we need to be careful. Write me body wt, habits , bowel habits and lipid profile report.

Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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