QUESTION: I would if I had a scanner. I think I'm going to try out what the doctor said and drink a little more and see how it works with the natural diuretics. maybe it will flush the extra water weight out.

ANSWER: Yes, sure you can try. There is no problem in trying. But see to that ur natural diuretics ssh have the kidney  cell regeneration properties.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What do you mean when you say "kidney cell regeneration properties".
I am taking Nettles and Horsetail for diuretics, are these good?
I can say already that drinking as much as 2-3 liters aday did not work for me. Its to much fluid, I felt bloating and fullness drinking this much. I went for a nap wich I know I should not do(because Im kapha) and I woke up looking the most bloating I've ever been. How Can my doctor say Im dehydrated when I've got so much fluid...i feel so confused right now...

He told me that my body is retaining water because it thinks it is not gonna get more water, and by drinking more water, my body will release the water it is holding onto (edema).  Offcourse these doctors dont care wich dosha I am.

ANSWER: To be very frank i dont know about these herbs. So just try for couple of days then see the results.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The herbs are working great. my water retention is going down everyday.

I have another question. I read a couple of days ago that Kapha rarely feel hungry and often just eat because of social reasons or they just feel a craving and not REAL hunger. So I started to eat only when I felt Real hunger and some days I only feel hungry and eat ONE time per day, is this Okey?
I do notice when I go for many hours without eating my feet and hands can turn a bit coold, does this mean I am aggrevating Vata? Should I eat when hands and feet go cold, or should I eat only when REAL hunger hits me?

Its very nice that your problem is been cured.

You are mis-interpreting the things. This happens only when kapah is aggravated in body.And there is no ideal kapah person.Every person is a mixture of all the doshas with variable percentage.But it may again present in Kapah dominant person.In such condition we have to cure it with kapah decreasing and pitha aggravating herbs/medicines.
If you starve then it will aggravate vata. Then it will be another problem.A normal person should feel real hunger twice or thrice a day depending on his physical activities. If he does not then it is a problem and he has to take some medicines to balance this.  


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