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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Dehal,
I have often read of the remedy of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice, to which a pinch of baking soda has been added, and drinking quickly so that one drinks the bubbles, for indigestion, after overeating, for example.
I have found this gives me relief in such a case.
Is this a good remedy? What is actually happening - does it improve the digestive process, helping the food to be digested better, or is it just an expedient so that one feels better? How does it actually work?
Thank you for your help and all best greetings,

ANSWER: Yes this is a very common practice just to receive gas. It act on the principle of diamond cuts diamond. It gives only temporary relief in expelling gas out so helping in digestion. It just gives relief in distended stomach and refreshing stomach to release fresh digestive enzymes to digest that extra food.

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QUESTION: Thank you, Dr. Dehal, that is clear!
What are the best procedures, in your experience, for improving the digestive process after mistakenly overeating? I am aware of this practice of drinking baking soda with lemon in water, of taking Trikatu, and of lemon water. I am also aware of taking apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water, but my system does not seem to be able to tolerate the vinegar.
Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: One spoon of ginger juice + half spoon of lemon juice and one pinch rock salt is the best combination for improving appetite.

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QUESTION: Thank you, Dr. Dehal. Is this taken without water? How does one best obtain ginger juice from the ginger? And is this good to take after a meal, when one has already made the mistake of overeating?
And finally, do any marma points exist that one can massage in order to improve digestive agni?
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge,

I replied this answer from my cell but unfortunately it was not successfully posted so replying it again.
Yes it has to be taken without water.just grate the fresh ginger and then squeez it to extract juice from this.
After over eating it can be taken just after food but to improve appetite it has to be taken half an hour before food.
I do not any marma point for digestion.


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