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Dear Dr. Dehal,

thank you for your patience and helpfulness with my questions! May I ask you a few more questions regarding food in Ayurveda?

- Have I understood correctly that rice cakes only unbalance Vata just a little bit, so for a person with Vata prakruti or vikruti, there is really no (or very little harm) in eating them, even regularly? And will taking them with olive oil antidote the Vata-aggravating effect significantly?

- For the ginger juice/lemon juice/rock salt remedy, I am often concerned about lemon juice eroding my tooth enamel if I take it in such a pure form. Is there such a risk?

- Is it OK to take ghee together with stewed/steamed fruit (like apples)?

- I understand that with bad food combinations, one must wait until the first food has completely passed through the stomach before consuming the second one. I recently had a meal prepared with ghee (as almost all my meals are), and about 3 hours later, before the meal had completely passed through my stomach, had some honey. Would this be a problem (ghee and honey together, particularly in equal quantities, being a bad food combination)?

- I regularly use bouillon (broth) cubes in my meal preparations, which contain yeast extract as one of the main ingredients. Could this be problematic in any way, particularly for Vata?

- I read that if one does Pranayama, it must be done regularly every day, or better not at all. Is this true of the Yoga Complete Breath, or can it be practiced just occasionally, when one feels the need for it?

- Is cream-based sauce on fish or meat a bad food combination? (cream is not milk, but nonetheless a dairy product?)

Thank you very much, Dr. Dehal, for your help and availability, and wishing you a good evening,


Again very sorry for the delay in answering cos of my very busy schedule.

Yes rice cakes with olive oil is good but even then do not take it for long period.

No lemon juice do not harm enamel but you can consult your dentist for confirmation.

Ghee with apples as such do not cause any problem but even then it is not a normal combination.

In such cases ghee has been digested so taking honey even in same quantity is not harmful at all.

No bouillon (broth) cubes does not cause any problem.

Pranayam does not give instant results so it should be continued till you achieve the results.

Cream on fish is not a good combination.


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