QUESTION: My vata symptoms are actually gettibg better with ricecakes too actually.
I think its because when kapha get balanced it does not block vata?

What do you think about thyroid medication like armour and synthroid?
How do they affect my doshas? Sometimes i just want to try it and see what happens. The doctors day i have hypothyroidism..

ANSWER: The use of excessive Ricecakes may damage vata dosha not this much.
You can use any of these thyroid controlling drug.But its affect on our doshas is not understood properly.Moreover these drugs simply manage the condition but can not cure this problem.

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QUESTION: I understand they do not cure the problem. But what do you think about taking thyroid medication + having ayurvedic lifestyle, kapha-balancing principle (lots of stimulation, exercise, light diet, not to much sleep and so on. In other words using both western medicine and ayurvedic medicine for a period of a time, and maybe I dont need to take the medication later in life and Can use only Kapha-lifestyle to be healthy? Maybe I could just use it as a kick-start of the system? I have actually tried Thyroid medication before and did not se results, But I dont think I used it long enough AND I did everything that was kapha-aggrevating, to much sleep, heavy food, no exercise, sitting still all day and so fourth, maybe thats why It did not work...do you think I should give it a try?
I really want your oppinion of this. Thanks Gary.

ANSWER: I am very sorry for the delay in answering.
Yes it is a very Gud idea to have both the systems together. It definitely give you desired results.

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QUESTION: Thank you.

I've been searching for information about Iodine from ayurvedic perspective,
They say Hypothyroidism comes from Iodine deficiency. Is Iodine kapha balancing according to ayurveda then? Since Hypothyroid is considered a kapha imbalance?

Iodine deficiency cause goitre but not always hypothyroidism. All these are still hypothesis. But we can give coconut oil in such cases.
According to Ayurveda it is a Trisha problem which affects body's metabolism. But kapha is always predominant in such cases.


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