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QUESTION: I am 54 years old male from india and i am diabetic with high BP but under control with medicine. i read about the benefits of safed musli powder and like to use it. but i am afraid about the dosage. so please help me in dosage. right now am using galvus 50 glucovance 500/5 2 times for diabetes and for BP OLMATEC PLUS 40/12.5 mg once daily. hope to get an early reply.

thanks a lot in advance.

ANSWER: Dear Mr Apprant

You can start with 1 gm once a day after one week increase the dose. max 3 gms you can take per day. continue for at least three months if you tolerate well.

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QUESTION: thanks a lot for the and when to take(before or after meals)morning or evening and what do you mean by "if you tolerate well" is there any severe side affects or what ?

please explain me in detail.

thanking you in advance

Dear Mr Apprant

Though herbal medicines are tolerated well but some times low digestion which we call as ama can cause intolerance to any thing. most of people suffering from metabolic diseases are sufferers of impaired digestion or agni too. No mostly there is no severe problems.

Health and Peace


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