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QUESTION: GReetings...
dear sir..i am 35 years old and not married yet...and penis is not that width or lenght i am looking for growth of 6 inches and my sperma count is not that much ..and let me tell the truth to you i do masturbate not always may 3 mnths once or twice or six months once and pls dont mistake me when i am telling this i do play guys butt also not always 3 or 6 mnths or when i feel to do it and this is the answer i get from my friends i dont know ist true if we give the penis to suck(when this practical going on) will the sperm flash out a lot and if i take ayurvedic supplemet for count sperm will it effect if i dont do any sexual..may be for 6 mnths..will it effect me and i also go for exercise...kindly assit me on this matter i just want to keep my penis in good looking and good sperma count...what type product i should take ..thanks waiting for the answer

ANSWER: Dear lahan,

Will you please give me exact measurements of your erect penis ie length and diameter and also your sperm count through lab test, only then i can help you.
Where do you live ?

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QUESTION: Greetings...
thanks for your reply...i am from penis is around 3.5 to 4inches when its become strongs..and normaly its look small means not at that small and my sperma count can say just little not much...sir i am very shy to give test to pls advice me on this..thanks

ANSWER: Okay, thanks for your detailed reply. Yes we do have Ayurveda products which are totally herbal and will increase the size of penis and also sperm count. You have to take the medicines for 3-5 months and also has to massage a oil for penis enlargement.
Is Ayurveda products are allowed to your country through courier ?

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QUESTION: Sir Thanks for your kind reply....
dear sir do you have any type of pills type i/o oil (ayurvedic) and at same time about the sperm count will it effect me if i dont do any sexual for a period may be 6mnths to 1 year once i start taking the sperm count herbal-because my friends telling me that once i taking the sperm count i need to do sexual atleast true or it effect me....(when i can see the growth of my size of penis-widht and length (6 inches)and i to be permanent n sir i have a friend age 17 years old can he also take this supplement)

Yes i do have herbal capsules and tablets and oil for this problem.It will show you the results within 6 months.
It better to avoid completely masturbation or sex for this period of can see the growth after 3 months of treatment and you can gain from 1-3 inches in your size.Yes, of course this will be permanent. Yes your friend can also take that but ideally its not good to take this products for person who is not adult because this product sometimes increase craving for sex.


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