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Greeting doctor.
I saw an expert in accupuncture and Ayruvedic medicine.
I was somewhat skeptical about the food aspects, but since he was able to make my knee completely pain free, with the pleasant side effect of decreased alcohol cravings due to the auricular accupuncture, I have begun exploring the food recommendations.
He said I am Pitta-Kapha.
Some of the foods that I should avoid are red meat and dairy, seafood,bread with yeast, and less alcohol.
I have always loved these foods, but in the past when I have done food avoidance diets in an effort to lose weight (I have a very slow metabolism and a tendency to gain weight easy in spite of watching calories and exercising) I have lost a bit of weight and felt better when I avoided them on three separate occasions, first no red meat or dairy, second no breads, third no booze.
I think that now with the knowledge I have I will now  avoid them alltogether and see how it goes.
I am also taking trikatu which is helping my digestion, and shilajit, which is supposed to increase metabolism. Can you recommend any others.
Thank you for any advice or other recomendations.

Dear Mr Barry


I do hope once you start realising the role of diet, you will sort out many things according to your own requirement. after reading your problems it looks more like kapha disturbance. Kapha is disturbed when you have swellings, slow digestion, weight gain and food cravings.
trikatu is strong herb combo for ama imbalance which restores metabolism at microlevel and restores kapha.
you are doing fine. There is no need to add up too many. Eat your dinner light and early. Use more cooked vegetables and less salads particularly at night time. Add some mild spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric in your food. use less salt and possibly use rock salt in very less quantity. remove junk food, aerated drinks and preserved foods.
Health and Peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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