Hi Doctor
I am Pitta-Kapha. I have poor digestion with a tendency to bloat afer meals, and am overweight with marked central obesity.
My history of binge drinking may have also played a role in that, but I have been able to reduce my consumption lately.
I have a slow metabolism and have to keep my calories lower than 'normal'. Since switching to a diet more appropriate for my Dosha a few weeks ago, I have started feeling and looking better.
I am getting more interested in foods and spices that will benefit me and reduce ama, while building agni.
Trikatu has been helpfull for digestion.
I just began taking Punarnava for my abdominal distension, and though its early, my belly feels a bit more relaxed.
Could you comment on the following herbs and whether or not they would be helpfull?
Thank you in advance for your insights. Because Ayruvedic medicine has been the only thing which has been able to help my condition, I am also interested in exploring more of the Indian philosophy, so if you could reccomend some websites or books that would also be helpfull.
God Bless!

Dear Mr Barry

This is good to know that you are doing fine. Continue experimenting with diet and you will learn to cut out a favourable individualistic plan from experiences.
you can continue punarnava and trikatu. trikatu is strong to remove ama. dont take any thing cold. even warm water will be better always. salads eat in day time only. have light dinner before sun set.
after that only fresh veg soup you can have.
Shilajit you can start it will cut down extra flab and fat. chitrak is also good to have. it is antiaging too and removes heaviness from body. guggul you can take later to keep body more supple. once you digestion improves then you can add.
there is no such sites which can share every thing on one platform. so keep on searching and reading. you can join our face book page too. we post if some thing worth comes to notice. may be you will enjoy reading and you can post for others to read too.

Health and Peace

Dr Meeankshi Joshi


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