I want to buy trumeric because it helps me with my illness but i have an issue with my stomach that trumeric causes extreme burning and gastritis when i take the pills

Do you sell coated pills so i will not have a stomach problem and gastritis

or do you have a solution for this matter because i really want to take trumeric

is there a way without harming my stomach

Thank you

ANSWER: HI there
Please use Curcumin cap---1 morning evening . It is very effective and causes no gastric discomfort.
U can buy Planet Ayurveda Curcumin cap online
See my website www.planetayurveda.com
Curcumin is scientific name of Turmeric

dr meenakshi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Are you sure of that, it will not cause stomach burning and bleeding

Will it be as effective as other trumeric product or you are just saying that

ANSWER: hello
Yes the Planet Ayurveda Curcumin is very safe and won't cause any bleeding or burning but Curcumin is itself hot in nature so it will produce heat in body be it of any company.
U have to discuss in detail why u plan to use . What are ur health issues so that i can guide u better.
www.planetayurveda.com is my official website and i have many patients all over the world using our products

Please see the details on the site and let me know ur health queries so that all works out safely for u
dr meenakshi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Whenever i take one pill of trumeric any company, never tried yours,  my stomach starts burning and really bad and causes gastritis

I use it because it makes me more energetic and reduces my fat and sugar in the blood

Is your product lead free and organic

Thank you

Yes the product is completely organic and free from lead.
For energy levels ..why don't u take Shilajit cap and Ashwagandha they are better than Curcumin if energy is what u want.And Shilajit works on Sugar levels perfectly

Infact the one with less heat is----Tribulus power cap---See the details on www.planetayurveda.com

dr meenakshi


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