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Hello Dr.Dehal

I am Kapha type with PCOS, slow digestion, and bad allergies both in the skin(red bumps around chest shoulders and back) and bad dry stuffy sinus even with humidity.
After many pills and allergy tests, I decided to eat only 100% organic food to avoid chemicals, mostly fruit and vegetables with almost no dairy,and small amounts of meat. no sugar unless it is from fruit or stevia plant, and have added spices like cumin and tumaric. no breads, and if i eat rice, it is basmati or red rice.

Even with eating 3-4 small meals a day of sweet potato, kale/spinach,broccoli, mushroom,onion, salad etc I still do not lose weight and only poop every 3-4 days.
It's like it builds up for days then can not wait to get out. It is often painful to eliminate, and i stay bloated in the upper stomach area until i do.
If it matters, often the stool is hard with many lumps mixed with regular stool. near the time of my cycle it is mush and larger amount.  I think regulating this may help with my weight loss and dark raccoon eyes.

I already exceed the daily recommended fiber and have a high
water and green tea intake.
I exercise pretty hard 3 times a week and do a lot of walking)my legs look great but my stomach is a blob).
someone suggested that I eat more spicy food but I can not tolerate even a small amount of hot pepper- very sensitive to it.
What else can I do to regulate my system?


Dear June,

Greetings !

It seems that you are Kapha Pitha predominant person with Vata very vitiated at this time causing this misery.
I will like to ask you to take Picrolax syp of Himalaya 5 ml twice a day. And also Eranda Sukumar oil 10 ml with hot water or milk at bed time.  
After 10-15 day do let me know the progress or change in your health.


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