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Ayurveda/Foods for Pitta-Kapha and improving a sluggish metabolism


I have developed in interest In Ayrudedic principles, and after eating for my Dosha, Pitta-Kapha, am feeling better.
I have always had a slow metabolism and slow digestion, and these are improving slowly. I am 55 so dont expect to lose 50 pounds overnight, overnight, although this is my goal.
Concerning foods, I have discovered that red meat does not agree with me, and have given it up.
What about carbohydrates? Can I eat complex carbs like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta? Potatoes?
Also, anything I eat after supper seems to go straight to my belly. Is this a characteristic of my Dosha?
One more thing, are there any ayruvedic medicines that will improve m sluggish metabolism at my age?
Thanks, and God Bless!

It is good to read that u have interest in ayurveda and love to follow the principles of ayurveda.
Do visit my website for more information .
For ur slow metabolism i will suggest that u start with---
Take little piece( just tiny piece) of fresh ginger before ur heavy meal ---10 mins before . Chew it . and then start ur meal and u will see good change in ur metabolism

Please start with---
Digestion support cap--1 morning evening after meal
Liver detox cap--1 morning evening before meal
KUmari saar----2 spoon in 1/2 cup water empty stomach( this is aloe vera concentrate)
Arogyavardini vati---2 tab morning evening after meal is best to loose weight in safe way.

see details on my website and u can order them online or write to my manager---mr ashwani at
dr meenakshi


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