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Ayurveda/Allergic asthma attack each night


prateek wrote at 2014-01-21 15:21:47
thx doctor for replying and asking

hight 5"4 weight 59kg

coughing not dry checked for TV, it is negative

Bowel hebit is ok, 1 or 2 times a day.mostly itis not hard.

breathless problem mostly in night, started in night about 10-11 pm and if i not take montakulast medicine it gonna worse

sometimes it start late night 2 or 3 pm and continue to 4-5 hours

but i feels much better in day time, but in night again start

yes doctor wheezing comes daily night if i not take medicine of montakulast medicine,

and it continues in night and takes 4-5 hours and thn gone itself as i start to work or any do thing means i not in bad in day only.

yes i need to take medicine otherwise that problem more worse

i alredy tried for this w/o medicine

and also that medicine not worked if attack alredy started as my doctor said .




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