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prateek wrote at 2014-01-12 05:04:02
Dear doctor

Thx for giving time, sorry for my english

In detail from family history is not good

my dada ji was with asthma but not very chronic death on age of 70 due to heart attack

my dadi was TV paitent ,but normally treated and death on 70 year due to old age ladies


my father was also suffered with allergy and cold but not chronic as i have ,normal piles, but

no asthma, problem of sleepless , headache, death on age of 52 yrs due to first major attack

my mother died on 56 year due to low BP orgasm failure.

we are 2 brother 2 sister no other sivling has such problem of cold, allergy or any major

as i concern.

I was sufferd with chronic cold since childhood jisse mujhe bahut chhiik aati thi, khakar

aaata tha all time

meri aanke laal ho jati thi and much problem hamesha khakar aata tha

treated with elopathic, homeopathic, and also Ayurveda but not permanent.

isnophila always high on report.

Later a doctor said me that i am allergic, he recommend me tablet catasma for 6 month regular

one in a day.

i was normal but as i stopped again problem began , in home -home remedies like ginger tulsi

katha turmric milk also i was taking

later check up continue i began to use tablet cetrizen with cold teblet when i suffered with

cold.not on medicine because i thought i not want to habitual of medicine.

some times on that time i feels some problem in breathing but not a lot.

I was in bhopal , than on delhi till last year 2012- june

than due to job i came surat ,where on oct -2012 as i told i got problem of fissure which

treated in 1 month with medicine and applying oil and cream and after that i not having much

problem due to fissure.

but after this I got ashthma attack which was very bad ,i was in home, i went to doctor as i

know doctor said that we giving a injection than he can breath but till after many injection

till 2 days i couldn't breath properly, after this i coughing and than gradually i breath ,

i again come surat but than it is regular in each night ,i feel chest tightness, short

breath,sound while i try to breath mostly in night time.

As i know i am allergic to rise, banana, dust so i not eat .

than my old prescribed medicine cant helping me at all also inhaler also

During this i also have some skin problem like eczema, some times boiles

than a doctor in baroda check my blood serum report , i got to know that allergic asthma i


now medicine working , i not have problem after took medicine i am on those medicine from

last 5 month, but when i stop taking medicine problem again started and also worst than


i went to doctor again he changed some medicine and said if not u got relief we plan for


but i not go there i consulting with you ,please doctor all that i had to say you.

i am also taking laxmi vilas ras now also with medicine

if you need any personal or any other question please doctor you can ask me i will say you all  


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