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I have a question about handwashing. I need to know how many seconds, and how many repetitions I need to wash my hands; read the next paragraph before answering. Thank you!

I very much appreciate your reply. Because of my OCD Iím getting very dry hands from washing my hands too many times. Let me explain how this started. Five years ago, when I was 18 I worked in food preparation. The rule was that after using the bathroom, you must wash your hands for 20 seconds, twice. Then, once you have entered the kitchen again, you must wash your hands another two times, 20 seconds each. (So 4 times total.) Then end with putting gloves on. For food service, itís a great policy! The problem is, that within the last 2 years I picked up the habit again of washing my hands 4 times after having a bowel movement. I need to be clean enough to prepare food and touch peopleís hands without giving them my germs.

I wash my hands 4 times even if I donít directly touch the poop. Ha! Itís so annoying! Iím worried about particles. But I must know Iím clean, thatís why Iím asking you, a professional organization. To make sure no fecal matter particles remain how many seconds and repetitions must I wash my hands?

Thank you very kindly for your advice!!

ANSWER: Wasing hands for excessive times will affect its epithelial lines and ultimately affects its integrity.So its better to reduce this habit by yourself. Dont try to take medicines for this.

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QUESTION: Hi Dr. Dehal,

I marked clarity as 5/10 because I do not know how to reduce my habit without knowing what is correct/incorrect. How many seconds and times washing hands is healthy? How many seconds/times is unhealthy and will cause the damage you mentioned.

Dear Clarice,
There is no parameters for hand washing so it depends on individual.Even when we have to do surgery then we have to wash our hands many times a day but we never felt problem.
But when u wash ur hands very frequently without any cause or reason then it is a problem..


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