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I am suffering from urethral stricture from last one and half years. I had gone for surgery 10 days ago for the first time as it was very tight and my flow was almost stopped. Can it be treated permanently with ayurvedic medicines as doctor told me there is 50 % chance of cure after surgery and I have been told for dilatation after one month.
Also my urologist told me that because of too much pressure on bladder it becomes weak and a diverticulum is formed. Also there was pressure on posterier urethra as well. Although my doctor said nothing to worry about, everything (Kidney, bladder, Prostate) is working fine. Only thing is i should not strain to urinate to avoid any complications. Currently my flow is best, but There is pain during and after urination. Also i feel pain in penis when it is lifted upward and during erection. Also i feel pain in scrotom area durin coughing or sneezing. It was not there before surgery. My doc says it will go after few days and pain is reducing day by day but i am afraid about it. Also i need to go to pee more often and sometimes with less amount. Also i feel sometimes urine present in right side of abdomen and lower back pain too. Also bowel movement is bad and i am not able to emptying completely and feels stomach fullness, gas, loss of appetite.   I am prescribed for antibiotic along with other medicines right now.

Plz reply

ANSWER: This problem is curable with Ayurveda but results vary from person to person and depending on age etc. As you have undergone surgery so chances of full cure reduces a bit.
Anyhow can you tell me the name of surgery you had undergone ?

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QUESTION: Hello sir

My Age is 27 years and the name of surgery was Internal optical urethrotomy.It was 1st time i went for surgery as no option was there. Also i have consulted a doctor for uttarbasti treatment in Nanded and planning to go there after few days. I am taking chandraprabha vati prescribed by him, but i have heard about few more combinations along with it. Thats why i contacted you. Can ayurvedic medicines work along with uttarbasti treatment.

Plz reply

ANSWER: Utter basti is an ayurvedic procedure and if you take ayurveda medicines internally then results will be very gud.
In nanded Dr. Sunil is a expert and he is my frnd also. I prepare the medicine myself specially for patient depending on his complaints and his nature etc.

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QUESTION: Hello sir

I have contacted Dr sunil only. Its nice to hear you are friends. Actually he did uttarbasti treatment there and it worked a bit too but stricture was very tight and my condition was very bad. My urine was falling on my legs in morning and then starts improving throughout the day and then same prob starts from next morning. He gave me few medicines too but it didnt solve my morning issue after taking one month. Then he told me to go for surgery and then come back after 3 weeks. Then i have searched on net and seen few more medicines like Brihatyadi kashyam, gotukola etc hence i contacted you. Anyhow i want to be permanently cured. Plz suggest me what should i do

Actually Utter basti gives results in Urine flow and as you told that Dr.Sunil advised you to go for surgery means that your problem is very severe. As we have already discussed before i prepare the medicines for this but i am not sure now that your problem can be cured  fully for partially.
Now do tell me if you need medcines for this.


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