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Ayurveda/Follow up Question for ED,Hormone problems


   My previous question was titled as ED,Hormone Problems. You answered me by saying to take Testosterone injections and viagra only temporarily.But, before doing that I would like to know about Himalaya product Mucuna pruriens, Gokshura.I came to know about their benefits for testosterone problems and also for ED. Is it True that they help for ED,Hormonal problems. If so, please tell me how these medicines are to be taken and that too for how long or Only Testosterone Injections and Viagra are the better options.Pl reply me.


Namaste Mr Murthe

Certainly these herbs will help. But as you were writing before that you had already tried all. But any way if you have not taken these surely you should try.
Gokshur if its pure powder form you can take 3 gms once in a day. and can increase it to two times after 15-20 days. Mucuna you should try 1 gms in a day and can increase upto 3-5 gms total in a day. But these doses i am telling for pure powder forms. For extracts and all please check the manufacturers guide lines.  


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