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i am male 31 years, 6'1". i am having mild hand tremor while picking small objects since 10-12 years. sometimes in an argument or tense situation hands trembling increases plus my voice starts trembling too,my body feels weak at that time.. on some ones advice i stated taking divya medha vatti and ashwagandha since 2 months, it increased my confidence and somewhat decreased my tremor as i feel more calm now. should i continue with this or as i have seen in your answers, do i need to add kaunch beej and shatavari too.please advice me on dose also. thanks

Dear Sunny

In ayurveda we treat these disorders under Vata imbalances. Stress, anxiety too much traveling, dryness, dehydration, constipation all these can increase Vata imbalances. Try to keep your self warm, use fresh hot soups with olive oil or ghee, keep mind peaceful, have good sleep and you will be much better.
I am not supporter of too many supplements. If by taking ashwagnadha and medha vati your symptoms are under control keep taking them. Use these for some longer duration under supervision. And than try to taper off.
Kaunchbeej is again a very good herb to reduce tremors. You can use it some time in later years. Minimum medication or supplements is what i will suggest.  


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