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Hello doctor i'm a 35 y old male from Rome Italy i did The Amazing Liver Cleanse by Andreas Moritz R.I.P to this great holistic doctor , i wanted to know since the italian translation of his book says 3 spoons of epsom salt some say 2 some 1 some 4 i did 3 perfect number and did amazing many stones can you tell me what's the correct number ? as i did yesterday and did stones today then will do it next monday and all my non alchoholic steatotis fatty liver for bad diet and high cholesterol tryglicerids will be removed it's amazing i'm a vegan now so doing very good hope you let me know thanks Luca please see the last link with page translator she cured me also and it's free 100% it's important if you can share it with who you know is in need Lou Reed use to be cured by Rita Also .

Dear Mr Luca

I have heard people doing this type of cleansing. If you are doing well with 3 spoons its perfectly fine you can use this much amount only. Yes i have checked the sites. It sounds good till it can help some one. There are other side of the story too about how epsom salt with olive oil mixing helps in making these stones. That is also equally interesting to read. In ayurveda we have special herbs and oils to cleanse the body. You can try that too.

Health and peace

Dr Meenakshi Joshi


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