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QUESTION: am a 58 yr old female -very active, all normal blood work and lipids, and don't drink, smoke or do drugs. However, for the last 18 mo my CRP which has always been less than 1 , has gone from 3 to over 6. My PCP is very puzzled; my cardio( I had an AF ablation last Sept, and no AF since)says"most people don't order that test!", and isn't the slightest concerned, even tho' my Dad died at 58 of a sudden heart attack and stroke.My Mum also had breast cancer at 56 and died at 58, but the rest of her live was fit and healthy!
We have a strong family history of cancer, and I'm really worried that I have some occult cancer lurking somewhere.
The elevation seemed to come from nowhere, and was there before the AF. I had an ANA , SR and rheumatoid factor, as I have some arthritis and they were negative. However I have had the arthritis for over 5 yrs when the CRP was really low.  
I do take HRT ( bioidentical), as I was having horrible hot flashes day and night, and that's the only link I have come across, but the increase that may be attributed to that seems only minimal, nothing as high as 4 or 6.
What else can I do to try and discover the cause of this? I also eat an anti-inflammatory diet, take fish oil, vit D , and am only 140llbs/5.6in. I have no apparent symptoms-it's scary as it's been high for so long. Can some folk simply produce more CRP as they age, without it being directly linked to chronic inflammation? Is there any Ayurvedic approach to quelling chronic inflammation from an unknown source please? I have tried acupuncture.
Any guidance would be so much appreciated I feel like a walking time bomb!
Thank-you so much for your time!

ANSWER: Apart from these I would Luke to know more about you before prescription.
How is you appetite,digestion and bowel habit and urine habits ?

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QUESTION: Hi Dr Dehal,
Thank-you so much for replying:
Appetite good; I eat well.
Urine-no problem/no infection./urgency/ leakage. Usually don't need to urinate during the night.
Bowels regular-av/3/day-sometimes more.  Stools well formed on the whole-can be long and thin, then I add soluble fiber.Color OK-not black or pale or chalky. Stools don't float in bowl.
Do have hemorrhoids which can get very sore, itch and bleed-not good.
I had a very nervous stomach when I was young-very affected by anxiety/stress-diarrhea and cramping. Pretty much OK now.
I eat gluten -free, low sugar, low carb, medium protein, fairly high plant -fat diet.
I don't drink cow's milk as it gives me gas and sometimes loose stools, but eat fair amount of cheese ,plain yoghourt, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, berries, apples . Meat x1/week Fish x1/week Chicken X1/week mostly-no more.
Don't think digestion is as good as it can be altho' I take a good probiotic-have a very very noisy gut, and a lot of gas. Stools mostly OK-bit loose sometimes, with cramping,

Can get chocolate/sugar  cravings from time to time, but not bad.
If I eat a gluten -free high carb breakfast, I get v.v. sleepy within 1/2 hr.
I was very sleepy for a while all day long ( although I would sleep 9-10 hours), until Dr. found my fasting insulin was very high ( even though I was not eating a bad diet, was exercising a lot, and all labs were good.
I cut the gluten, much of the dairy and most of the sugar, and now I have way more energy again, although my insulin is still not as goos as it could be.

Thank you very much for the such detailed explanation about you, it really helped me to understand you better.
Yes we do have holistic Ayurvedic medicines for chronic inflammation. But as per your explanation we will start from the basics i.e from the abdomen or digestion.
So stat the following medicines.
Shad-dharna choornam or Ajmodadi choorna 5 gm with hot water after food.
Take this for 2 weeks and then let me know the changes or progress then we will go to next step.


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