I have several questions regarding my dual dosha. Last Saturday I went to a official ayurvedic doctor in Amsterdam to know what could of help me with my problems. The doctor identified that I had a Kapha-Vata dosha. I explained him that I have the following problems

Difficulty digesting food,(Constipation, Hemmerhoids, Not fully poop, sometimes poop little bits at a time)

Tired muscles, sometimes a feeling of pain in my bones/fingers and spine problems.

Very unhealthy skin, Whiteheads under the skin, Black heads, Big pores, It inflames sometimes what causes red bumps on my face which can stay for a while. Side effects of those are warmness, uncomfortable feeling, swollen skin,

Breathing problem from time to time. and feeling of tiredness and dull.

However, I will tell that I have a very bad lifestyle.

Some days I eat a lot of unhealthy sugar candies, I smoke(d) cigarettes(I quit yesterday) I smoke weed, (Planning on stopping tomorrow)and I tend to eat fast..

For these issues I know I can get rid of by stop eating sugar, not over eating, stop smoking. My question is:

!!Are there lifestyle tips, diet plans, Herbs, and foods to avoid?

According to the ayurvedic doctor he told me I had to cut out : Apples, sour fruit, Peanut butter, Chili, Potatoes, Pasta(1 x a week allowed whole grain pasta) Bananas.

He told me that Warm foods and Warm drinks are good for me. 3x5 times a day ginger(fresh) tea. Green tea. Warm milk with curcuma and only eat cooked vegetables.

Since I would like a second opinion I would like to get some information on how to detox my system and help my body deal with every day life. Sometimes I feel like a 50 year old person with all my issues. I know I have to address some food issues and lifestyle patterns I have but every other suggestion is deeply appreciated.

Help would be seriously appreciated, Thank you


Dear Dion

Our hormones tend to follow routine. So if you keep a healthy life style like getting up time, food in time you will be less stressed and digestion will be improved. For a quick detox eat whole grains and vegetables soups while taking two spoons of castor oil at night.
I won't suggest no grains at all as you are vata and can be low in energy very fast. keep timings for eating getting up and follow routine. Don't take any thing raw for some time. You can also use trifala powder at night. get some time for exercise which will give you some happy hormones. get rid of the addictions fast.

Health and Peace  


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