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Dear Meenaxi,

I have several questions regarding my dual dosha. Last Saturday I went to a official ayurvedic doctor in Amsterdam to know what could of help me with my problems. The doctor identified that I had a Kapha-Vata dosha. I explained him that I have the following problems

Difficulty digesting food,(Constipation, Hemmerhoids, Not fully poop, sometimes poop little bits at a time)

Tired muscles, sometimes a feeling of pain in my bones/fingers and spine problems.

Very unhealthy skin, Whiteheads under the skin, Black heads, Big pores, It inflames sometimes what causes red bumps on my face which can stay for a while. Side effects of those are warmness, uncomfortable feeling, swollen skin,

Breathing problem from time to time. and feeling of tiredness and dull.

However, I will tell that I have a very bad lifestyle.

Some days I eat a lot of unhealthy sugar candies, I smoke(d) cigarettes(I quit yesterday) I smoke weed, (Planning on stopping tomorrow)and I tend to eat fast..

For these issues I know I can get rid of by stop eating sugar, not over eating, stop smoking. My question is:

!!Are there lifestyle tips, diet plans, Herbs, and foods to avoid?

According to the ayurvedic doctor he told me I had to cut out : Apples, sour fruit, Peanut butter, Chili, Potatoes, Pasta(1 x a week allowed whole grain pasta) Bananas.

He told me that Warm foods and Warm drinks are good for me. 3x5 times a day ginger(fresh) tea. Green tea. Warm milk with curcuma and only eat cooked vegetables.

Since I would like a second opinion I would like to get some information on how to detox my system and help my body deal with every day life. Sometimes I feel like a 50 year old person with all my issues. I know I have to address some food issues and lifestyle patterns I have but every other suggestion is deeply appreciated.

Help would be seriously appreciated, Thank you


Good to read that u have interest in Vata PItta Kapha and want to heal urself the natural way. So please give up smoking and sugar candies for sure.
I will suggest that u should take more of Aloe vera, noni juice, Amla juice, Cranberry juice and coconut water
Take more of papaya and carrots in ur diet.
Please add Cow Ghee ( clarified butter) 1 spoon in milk and take regularly at night

I will suggest that u start with Planet Ayurveda Detox herbs---
Liver detox cap---2 morning evening
Phyllanthus niruri cap--1 morning evening
Arogyavardini vati---2 morning evening
Neem cap--1 morning evening
All this for 2 months
This will give u wonderful results
U can find all the details on our website ---www.planetayurveda.com and order online
Please be in touch with my assistant MR Ashwani at ashwani3003@gmail.com for more info about ordering etc.

Dr Meenakshi Chauhan


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