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Ayurveda/Blockage in heart artery more tha 90% (LAD)


(1) What are the effective medicine in Ayurveda to dissolve blockage in heart artery which is more than 90% ? (This is reveled from Angiography after sustain severe heart attack.)

(2) I read in some Ayurveda magazine that " thick juice made out of bottle gourd (Dudhi)25 to 30 leaves of tulsi leaves,25 to 30 leaves of fudino,50 grams of zinger with honey will dissolve blockage in heart artery within six months, Is it true? If yes,how does it work and please let me know the proportionate of above shown items are correct?

(3) For your ready reference :- A lady of 86 years who had lead her life in very simple life style with nutritious,timely and limited diet.A lean structured lady had no blood sugar,blood pressure or any heart related problem all along her life.However due to road accident about five years back,she had a paralysis attack,was in "COMA" stage for twenty three days and recovers with the help of Ayurveda treatment,at present she is independent and caring on her day to day work with weakness on her right side,she is taking:TANTU PASAN,MEDHYAVATI,KSHEERABALA 101(ds)AND ASHWADHAGANDHA three times a day which has to be continued life time.Initialy she was put on "BRUHAD VAT CHINTAMANI RASA(WITH GOLD) for six months.

Kindly let us know your views on item number one and two please.

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I suggest that u start with the safe herbal combinations ---
Arjuna cap--2 morning 2 evening
Total heart support cap--1 morning 1 evening
Detox tea--1 cup morning 1 evening
Arogyavardini vati--2 morning 2 evening

ALL this for 1 month
U can see details and order online from the

dr meenakshi


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