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QUESTION: I am almost 40 and have essential tremors in my hand, inherited from my mother. Hers eventually progressed to her head and neck as well. The Dr prescribed a beta blocker since I also had high blood pressure though last year it was in the 90s(top number) it was 144 at the dr and been high but not as high at home too since.

I don't like the idea of taking the beta blocker and being "trapped" on it for the next 40+ years so haven't. For one thing I do have a tendency to be forgetful and you aren't supposed to miss any. I've seen ashwagandha mentioned but I've also seen it called a natural beta-blocker, is it then as bad to forget doses as the medical beta blockers?

Other background I was diagnosed with fibroids, plus breast and uterine cancer runs in the family. So am taking some natural estrogen blockers to help the estrogen dominance(DIM, cinnamon extract, raspberry seed..)

So with the beta blockers blocking adrenalin would seem my body makes too much as well as makes too much estrogen. So ideally there should be some way to get it to stop over producing instead of just blocking things, though I couldn't find any, is there a way to work more on the root cause of these issues instad of blocking things?

ANSWER: Dear Mary

Indeed things are bit complicated the way you want to understand it. Let me try to sort it out for you.
1. If uncontrolled BP is going to stay for long time it will ruin your nerves and vital organs. So we need to tackle it sooner and faster. It is going to worsen memory issues and tremors too. Please do let me know your exercise and diet schedule. We will first try to ignite your natural healing powers if it doesnt help than therapies and supplements or Ayurveda medicines we can add up.

2. You can continue supplements which you are taking to neutralize your genetically predisposed problems. But always give rest to your body in between. Body has to work hard to expel the undesired things from system so it can be supplements or medicines.

3. try to keep cancer causing habits and foods away from you that will be quite helpful and timely investigations will keep you stress free too.

4. About ashwagandha- Dont compare herbs with extracts or modern counterparts. herbs have this special property to meticulously balancing the whole body. You can say ashwagndha works as a good adaptogen but it will be unjustified to compare with hormones. Whole herbs have these qualities to negate its own harmful component. So you can try safely, Use it for 10-15 days and see how it helps you.

You can contact on my email id. I will be USA in april end and may. So if possible we can schedule a meeting.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Now so much any follow up question but you had asked for more info from me

Thank you. I do believe the blood pressure is mostly diet, though both my parent have/had it, while the other issues have some genetic component. Blood pressure was nice and low when I was eating on my own because I was mostly eating salads and fruit but with my mother dieing late last year I've been caring for my father, who being 75, is pretty set in is dietary habits which aren't so good. And I have wound up eating what I make for him but will need to take extra time to make my own meals unless I can get him to eat healthier too.

I walk the dogs a few times a day as weather allows but I know doing something to get my heart rate up would help more(the one dog is old so goes slow). Though I do have issues with rest as you say too with interrupted sleep due to my pets but I'm working on lessening the amount of times they wake me.

Ahwagandha sounded promising for me since it could take care of two problems at once since it can lower blood pressure and for many helps with tremors. Which was my dr Thinking on the beta blocker, one pill two problems. I just find the drug more scary to take but wasn't sure on the herb since has similar affects.

I used to get regular migraines since a child but I started taking melatonin at bed time and they stopped.

Dear Mary

I think sorting out your diet and keeping your blood pressure under normal limits is going to help rest of your issues too.
As you also feel that with diet you could better after adopting healthy diet. I hope you will be able to prepare your own food or would make your father understand the benefits of healthy diet too.
Along with this start ashwagndha too. I hope it will be beneficial.Do let me know after twwo months.  


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