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Ayurveda/How long to take ashwagandha powder?


Mam I want to ask that for how much time can i take ashwagandha powder. I am healthy and i not have any disease. I am very active. I regylarly practice yoga and also workout for 30 min 6 days a week. So i have have very much busy schedule because i am a student and i have to concentrate on my studies also. I am taking ashwagandha powder from 1 week and it shown amazing results for me because after working out i get tired so much but after taking ashwagandha i feel very much energetic and i have also read that it is good for our brain and it also helps to cope with daily stress and also increases our immunity. So can i take it for lifetime as supplement or i should take it for 3months, 6 months or for one year or more.please reply as soon as possible.

Hello Rahul

Any thing if we continue for long time stops working in the desired way, as we become adjusted to it. Only healthy routine and healthy food is what we should continue for life long, Rest all we should include whenever there is a need so the same desired effects we can achieve every time. Ashwagndha is a safe herb. But I won't suggest you to continue more than 6 months. Instead you need to give rest to your body and keep up the healthy schedule.
Sometimes you can alternate between other herbs which are adaptogenic in nature like shatavari, brahmi, gotukola,ginseng, liquorice, tulsi all these work wonderfully. I will suggest you to circulate the herbs and also in between keeping your body free so it can activate its natural responses too.  


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