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QUESTION: Helo ma'am
I am 22year old male engg student.. i workout a lot in gym but still i suffer from insomnia as life is very hectic in college and my schedule shifts .. i have to wake up late till night for assignmnts and studies...
I workout 3-4days a week in evening apprx 5hrs bfre going to bed.. and i get very tired but still i cnt sleep bfre 3-4am in morning .. it is hampering my body n its recovery after workout .. so i brought pure ashwagandha powder with me and i consume it 3-4gms 2-3times a week at night.. it helps me recover faster but still insomnia remains.. am i consuming ashwangandha in wrong way?whats the correct way for eradicating insomnia with ashwagandha and its dosage and can i cnsume it in cold/warm water instead of protein shake or milk? And can u tell me more about such herbs which increase power for workout and helps in recovery and muscle building like tribulus etc and their correct method and consumption dosage ?

ANSWER: Namaste Rishabh

Your routine and schedule is upset. Our body clock responds to Sun clock. It will be good if you try to shift your routine more towards day time and try to sleep when its dark. Keep your room completely dark it helps in recovery and good sleep by realising certain hormones which work only during dark.Sleeping in day time during sun light deprives body from it and long term insomnia can set in.

Take your meals also in time it will help in increasing the potential and more free time in same schedule. I hope you are  getting me. Ashwgandha is fine in any way you consume  water or milk both is fine. You can add shatavari powder or trebles root powder too to enhance muscle power and mind relaxation.

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot ma'am
I will surely change my schedule and i have started that change few days ago.
And how much ashvagandha wd shatavari powder i should consume ? And at what time? Morning or evening or after workout in my protein shake?
And yesterday i read somewhere that mild dosage of ashvagandha gives energy and motivation and high dosage induces sleep or has hypnotic effect! Is it true?

Namaste again

You can take 3 gms of abhwagandha and 3 gems of shatavari powder in pure form. Just take care it should not be an extract or treated in any way. else follow the manufacturers instructions about the doses.

You can take these in the evening time, that will be better. Yes large and over doses can create problem as in ayurveda we call it stabhdata.  


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