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Ayurveda/Sensoryneurohearing loss


QUESTION: my son 11months of age is diagnosed SNHL of 70 to 80db in both ears and is recommended cochlear impant by the audiologist is there any ayurvedic treatment for it and will my son ever be able to hear me or not plz clarify

ANSWER: Namaste Mr Mahajan

I will advice you to go for implant or whatever Dr is advising. At this age if you delay mile stones will be delayed. Let the baby should start responding as soon as possible. Herbal med we can give after recovery.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

if I go for implant then his original ear canal will be bypassed then how will he recover using ayurvedic medicines as he will be having a hole in his cochlea plz adice what to do

Namaste Again

There are many reasons for SNHL heraring loss. In the baby I assume its malformation of internal ear or undeveloped organ. In this case surgical correction will be helpful.
If Its because on infection or any other viral problem certainly we can help and wait.  


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