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BMW/1995 BMW 325is


Trainer00 wrote at 2006-11-27 20:36:58
The 1995 BMW 325is does not have a tranny dipstick. You check it just the same as you would a manual transmission.

leshure1 wrote at 2007-08-12 20:04:26
BMW does not have a transmission dip stick.  It is a closed system.  In order to check and or fill transmission fluid you have to get under the car and remove drain plug on transmission.  Once drain plug is removed, using your finger, insert it into the hole and feel for fluid (Rember this is a car not a woman).  You also add the transmission fluid through this hole.  I used a piece of plastic tubing attached to a bottle of trasmission fluid.

josh wrote at 2013-01-07 22:49:50
There's no dipstick. There's a bolt u have to remove on the side of the trans. Fill fluid to bottom of the hole just like say the rear end of a truck


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