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BMW Repair/1993 BMW 525 automatic transmission


ben wrote at 2009-07-04 05:00:15
i have a 525i 1993 and i have the same problem like yours i changed it all spark plugs gas filter fuel pump but i noticed when putting pressure om the shifter it is an automatic car works good i thought it could be electric but im not sure try putting presure on the shifter and c if any changes

JJ wrote at 2012-11-28 20:11:42
Hi there one thing that I might make sure of is that you are not in limp mode.  Limp mode will put your car in third gear and will not allow it to shift into any other gear wich will make it seem very sluggish and seem to slip a bit.  Take your battery cable off for ten minutes and if that is the problem you will notice a differance right away.

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