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BMW Repair/BMW OBD Code : P1519


italiantech wrote at 2011-01-18 19:27:26
I had my battery replaced on my 2000 323i E46 M52TUB25 and this code came up, p1519 as vague description and nobody post a stright answer for it, if you didn't replace the head gasket, or any work on the VANOS unit, replace the camshaft position sensor A (CPS) the one under the vanos solenoidat front of the engine, it should take care of the light.  

J-Rod wrote at 2011-12-24 04:10:21
Also these systems run a vanos unit that changes timing on the intake cam via oil pressure could be a gummed up unit or your timing guids could be warn alowing that side to not be where it should be but the computer will compensate allowing it to run... hope this helps....

MIKE DJ wrote at 2015-02-16 04:30:17
Hey I have the exact same E39 1997 BMW 528i with the same OBD2 & CAN Autel autolink AL519 scanner reading the same fault code which is & STATS: p1519 'a' Camshaft Position Actuator Bank 1??? Thanks for explaining what this means... But, where can I finds the part# or part number to purchase the part cheaply as possible but still OEM BMW replacement please so i cant get this car up an running again! 121,237 MILES on Vehicle valve Cover gasket& valve cover just got replaced As well as all spark plugs, oil, & rusty antifreeze cleaned out the hoses & currently changing the thermostat plastic housing & bleed screw to a brand new all Aluminum one! P0740 toque converter clutch coder also reading needs replacement too! so if anybody can help me? Cuz, i'm relatively new to working on cars & BMW all help is appreciated thanks guys Mike Seattle, Wa. USA...

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