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BMW Repair/E46 heater blower fault


Master Tech ( Neil.) wrote at 2013-11-27 19:26:12
Based on the E46;

Check using a multimeter or test light

1. Check Fuse F76 - Check both side of fuse for 12v Feed.

2. Locate FSU ( Final Resistor Pack. ) - ( Right Hand Side Foot well.)

With Connector still connected.

3. Check Pin 2 For 12v Feed

4. Check Pin 3 for Switch feed with engine running / AC Button On  - (12v.)

5. Check Pin 5 for Voltage. ???

Remove Connector -

6 Bridge pin 2 to pin 5. ( The motor should be at full speed. )

7 If not check connector pin 1 & 4 to ground

8 If that's OK assume Blower Motor.

Remove Resistance Pack FSU / FSR whatever you want to call it.

9. Check Resistance between each pin to fins.

10. Replace if needed.  

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All 1999 model year and newer. Don't know much about pre OBD2 stuff. E46 and newer I am Especially good with late models. I NEED YEAR & MODEL OF VEHICLE! when asking questions. Please give last seven digits of the VIN number. Please give as much background info as possible when asking questions. Please read past questions and answers to avoid duplicate questions.


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