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Rebeldon wrote at 2010-01-06 21:17:31
I was under the impression that Vorlons were semi-corporeal.  They had physical bodies—in fact they were silicon based.  They could transform themselves from having a physical body to being pure energy, much like substances undergo phase transition.  This event fatigued them.  If Vorlons were pure energy, how was Kosh poisoned?

I am also of the understanding that the shadows were beings of pure energy.  They were not telepathic, and it stands to reason that beings who are pure energy would necessarily be telepathic or it would be impossible for them to interface with their surroundings or even communicate.

TAsatorT wrote at 2015-04-10 02:36:52
Sorry but I beg to differ. Humans being the "New Vorlons" was meant metaphorically as it is obvious from Vorlon ship construction and the Vorlon appearance in Falling Toward Apotheosis that Vorlons were originally an aquatic species akin to Octopi and Squids.  

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