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Dear Külle Laidmäe‎

1. Is this a rule in Badminton Game that the Player who serves
has to serve either right handed or left handed in a single
game ?.

i.e. In a single game, the player has to serve either with right or left hand ?.

i.e. One serve the player does with a right hand, other serve with left hand and with any permutations and combinations.

Whether this is allowed or not allowed ?.

If answer is Yes or No, what are the Reasons ?.

2. If the Badminton game rule allows the players to do serve with both hands in a single game, are there any Badminton legends who were / are doing serve with both hands ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


Thank You for a interesting question.
The players are allowed to serve and hit the shuttle with either right or left hand ... as long as the player has one racquet. So - if you feel comfortable and confident playing with both hands - go ahead. Usually (at least in my case) players are accustomed to play with one hand and the other is much weaker.
And I do not know of any top-level player to use both hands.

My best regards,



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