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QUESTION: Hello sir, greetings of the day. My question is whether i can serve from wide court (fat court, in doubles) or not? similarly is that okie to serve from third court in singles? In addition to that can i touch outer lines of wide court during the service.


Thank you for interesting questions :D You had three questions - I think I understand 2 of them. But please, rephrase 2nd question.
Yes, you can serve from wider court in doubles.
No, you can not touch lines (not just outer, but any line) while serving.

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QUESTION: Hello, thank you.
Let me explain my question. In doubles, it is allowed to serve in the wider court but not in the longer court (ie third court). So, can I serve from the wider court? That is, from standing between the side line for singles and side line for doubles. In doing so, I will be touching the inner line.


In this case it is allowed to touch inner line (like it is not a line at all in doubles).
Whether it's ok to serve from the 3rd court - I'll have to ask around. But, who and why would want to do that in the first place? This gives you no advantage and rather puts you in a defence mode right away.



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