Asslamu Alaikun (Allah-u-Abha) I want to the different s of Islam Bahai and even the similarities.

Why is House Of Worship is required if bahai prays alone in home ?

Why do Babism pray towards Qiblih instead of praying towards Qiblah (Babism is a Islamic new movement outgrowth of shia Islam but its considered as independent religion but in the time The Bab, Babism was known as sect of Shaykhi Islam)?

Why they don't do pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina in place they do pilgrimage in Arce,Israel.?

Do bahai pray like Muslim -like Sunni Namaz- and tell me about the steps of the prayer

Why bahai are allowed to eat pork ?

What is a Spiritual Assembly ?

Tanim Kazi

Baha'i is an independent religion.  Its founder Baha'u'llah was a Muslim, yet it was not a Muslim religion.  Its teaching of the oneness of religion--or of the Divine prophets--is based on the Pillars of Islam.  Baha'u'llah said that there should be a House of Worship, open to everyone, in every community.  In the US, the House of Worship is in Wilmette, IL (near Chicago) and it is open to people of all faiths.  Baha'i teaching is largely done through "firesides," or meetings in private homes.  I can't answer questions relating to the Qiblah or the pilgrimage.  I don't think either is part of Baha'i teaching.  It is a separate religion from Islam.  It sees Divine revelation including all the major prophets/messengers, yet it considers Baha'u'llah the current messenger.  Baha'is, that I know, do not follow dietary restictions, except abstinence from alcohol.  I can speak personally about pork.  I grew up on a farm where we raised hogs.  There is nothing wrong with hogs, and pork is processed in a clean and healthy way.  My personal opinion is that abstinence from pork is a cultural issue, not divine writ.  A problem we face in any religion is to separate the culture from revelation.  Cultural issues--as not eating pork, using Arabic, or taking Arabic names, are matters of personal conscience.  Religions have both cultural and spiritual elements.  The cultural elements are temporal, while the spiritual are eternal.  Baha'is have a local spiritual assembly where there are nine adult Baha'is. Joel


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