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I heard before that you were a Unitarian Bahai. What exaclty are their beliefs and practice? Do they have a leader or NSA and LSA? Are members allow to practice Bahai faith their own way? Is it similiar to the Reform Bahai.
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ANSWER: The Unitarian Bahai faith was organized a couple years ago. It was similar to the Reform Bahais in terms of freedom, but unlike Reform Bahais, they sought association with the Unitarian Church.  They encouraged members and followers to be part of it.  They believed that the Bahai Faith could not exist without it. It became a haven for those with great hatred toward Bahai leadership.  Their rhetoric became confrontational.  They wanted to change both the Unitarians and Bahais.  They have done neither.  If it exists at all, it is probably on Facebook
Otherwise, it is likely defunct.

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QUESTION: Did you find them to be cult like? Were member free to practice the Bahai faith in the way they want?

I do not know if cult is the right word.  Their intent was to be very inclusive.  They included all faiths.  What bothered me was the hatred and anger toward the mainstream leadership.  I was an original member and their first secretary.  I was never about directly confronting the UHJ. They never did that, but they wanted to change the UHJ to make it more progressive. They talked big, but never did anything.  The followers of Mohammed Ali, brother of Abdul Baha were called Unitarians.  The UBs were going to have some of his writings translated, but it was never, that I know, done.  His writings should be republished.  They might turn the Bahais on their ear.I do not think UBs are currently active.


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