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Hi Aaron.  We are seniors and will be cruising to Freeport and Nassau from Charleston, SC on Carnival in March.  Please tell us little spots to hang out that the locals go.  We have been to Nassau a few times, never Freeport.  Maybe some local restaurants, museums, anything of interest that we would not otherwise find without a local telling us!  Anything would be of interest you could recommend and would be greatly appreciated...thanks, Aaron (Bev)

Hi Bev,
Good Morning and thanks for asking us. We have a few little local hidden gem spots for you to check out on your trip. If you are in Freeport and looking a full day fun activity then you can check out Dead Man's Reef. It offers you a full day of snorkeling and beach activities in a remote location that is off the beaten path. When you exit the cruise ship just head to the taxi stand and tell them to take you to dead man's reef. They will set up a return time when they drop you off. It should be only $5-$8 per person for one way. Once you get to Dead Man's reef they offer everything from gear to food to kayaks to towels and even a camera in case you forgot yours. Of if you want more nature you can head out to the East End Lucayan National Park. That is also a great day of walking trails and amazing natural views, but don't forget your swim suits too. They offer many great miles of caves too.

Don't buy a cruise ship package just be sure ot wither print out a map before you leave the cruise ship or grab one at in the cruise ship terminal area of either port of entry. When you arrive in Nassau there are many great hings to do that are close to the cruise ship terminal. Some amazing Historical locations like Fort Fincastle, Queens Staircase, Fort Charlotte and then the Fish fry is right across the street. Or the Ardastra Zoo and Gardens is just up the street from Fort Charlotte. If you prefer to stay in the downtown area you can also check out the Pirates Museum, and Library. They are both great and will give you some cool history and heritage of the Bahamas.
We hope this helps you and have a  great time in the beautiful Bahamas.
Aaron & Angie


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