Balancing Career and Family/Family business or Job?


What should l choose? l have an option of doing a pharma Stockist business or join an admin job. l am 37 Yrs old man . My sister's husband will invest the money in business. He has also agreed to give me a job on my begging to my sister. Is it wise to depend on him for livelihood or l should try on my own? Problem with the job is that I stay in Kolkata & the job offered is in Mumbai. I have to leave my home and stay in rent or maybe as a paying guest . Further I will be totally alone dependent mostly on my sister. Also my sister often mocks me & gets irritated by me . After all these should l depend on them for either business or job? If yes, then which one should I go for-job or business?

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I don't know why I'm just coming across this question, but I'm curious how this turned out for you! My advice would gave been to go with your gut feeling and something you could be passionate about.

It's always difficult when mixing family with business and our livelihoods. I hope this worked out for the best for you!

Balancing Career and Family

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