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Hi Connie ( :
For the past months I've been wanting too do Ballet but I'm not sure if I can because I have Scoliosis and I'm 13 turning 14 this year . And I'm supposed to have surgery done and it will take some time too heal and by then I'll probably be 15 . . . Is that too old too start ballet ? And if I do start at 15 where will it lead me ? I know I won't become professional which is fine . And I've also read that the ballet teachers will judge how you look in front of the entire class if you don't have the Ballerina Looks Or standards ( Long legs, thin, long neck, Ect . ). Is that true ?

To become a professional, you normally would start your ballet training around age 9.  However, if that is not your goal you can start whenever you'd like!  Ballet can be very competitive and, yes, even judgmental on the professional track, but you can also find plenty of adult classes that teach you technique in a caring and supportive environment.  I would suggest you look for adult ballet classes where you can learn the steps and skills and enjoy your dancing without the pressure of a pre-professional program.  You should really enjoy it!  Please let me know if you have other questions.


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I can answer lots about ballet, specifically the Vaganova syllabus. I'm still training, but both my parents were professional dancers, so most answers will be coming from them, not me. :) They're the experts. Obviously, questions about difficult technique, etc, would be better answered with someone else, but if you're just becoming interested in dancing, or are having problems with basic steps, like pirouettes or plies, then I may be able to help


I've seen ballet since the age of 0, because of my parents, and I am training to become a professional dancer now.


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