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Ballet/Change in ballet from the 18th century to present day


This is for a research project in school, do you mind if I use your answer in my project?
Question - As a dancer, how do you think ballet has changed (techniques, costumes, music e.t.c)
Do you think that ballet is a leading cause of anorexia, other than the not eating anything of course.

Could you be slightly more specific?  Ballet has certainly changed and evolved over time - what time periods would you like to compare?

Also, I'm not really qualified to discuss the leading causes of anorexia, but science has shown that there are higher rates of eating disorders in athletic pursuits that place a large emphasis on leanness.  Also, eating disorder sufferers usually are perfectionists and desiring control, qualities that make good ballet dancers as well!  So anorexia is more common in ballet dancers than some other professions, but the interplay of factors is very complex and I would never say that ballet was a leading cause of anorexia.


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I can answer lots about ballet, specifically the Vaganova syllabus. I'm still training, but both my parents were professional dancers, so most answers will be coming from them, not me. :) They're the experts. Obviously, questions about difficult technique, etc, would be better answered with someone else, but if you're just becoming interested in dancing, or are having problems with basic steps, like pirouettes or plies, then I may be able to help


I've seen ballet since the age of 0, because of my parents, and I am training to become a professional dancer now.


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