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Ballet/Sprained ankle (I think...)



Today I was rehearsing my variation and somehow, really, somehow, I managed to gently 'sit' on the floor after double pirouette.
My ankle probably tilted and there was a crack heard. However, despite a little swelling and discomfort when I try to move my feet in some directions, everything seems normal. I didn't feel any pain at that moment and I still don't feel anything bad. I can normally walk etc. which makes me think that it is just a simple, not dangerous sprain.
If the swelling and discomfort disappears in a few days, do I need to visit a doctor? What do I need to do to recover faster? If I feel alright, can I dance after 3 free days which I'll spent resting?

I'll be waiting for your reply, as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Hi Julija - there is no exact formula for healing, though a general one is RICE - rest, ice, compress (as in wrap), and elevate.

Elevate the leg at hip level whenever you sit - to let the swelling drain or not build up further. Ice once an hour if you are able, with the ice pack wrapped and not contacting the skin directly - about 7-10 minutes.

I'd recommend you see a practitioner such as a chiropractor or physical therapist, and one who knows taping. Sometimes taping properly allows you to dance, but I wouldn't know that in your case.

If you heard a crack when you fell, you may have had a misalignment occur in one of the joints. An adjustment by a chiropractor in that case would speed healing.

I hope these ideas help - your lack of pain sounds good, and how you attend to this may also relate to how long you plan to dance. I always recommend getting seen by a professional if you can.

All the best, Dianne.


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