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Dear Dianne, I have bunions and I was just wondering if taping my big toes straight when I dance en pointe will stop them from getting worse?

Hi Elisabeth.

"If you already have bunions, your can try wearing a toe spacer between the big toe and second toe, in your shoes and your ballet shoes. The purpose of this is to line the big toe up properly and prevent any more pressure squishing the big toe into the next toe. Be sure that all your shoes are wide enough, especially your toe shoes. If your feet are narrow, get narrow toe shoes that fit, but try them on with the “widget” (you can find various kinds) next to your big toe, to make sure your toes don’t compress."

That passage is taken from the articles at:

You can wear spacers in most of your shoes, and all your street shoes should be shaped to accommodate straight big toes. You don't say how old you are or how you got the bunions or what else you do that helps.

I hope this helps. Here's another page of discussion and a video on preparing the foot for pointe shoes. These contributors don't all agree - but many good points are made.

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