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Ballet/what can i do ?


I am love dancing since I have been five years old , when music I am listening to any kind of music or song I can move my body with serial expressive movement by intuition without any training , this talent still remaining until this moment , now I m 30 yrs , I sensitive musical ear , my brain recorded more than thousands tunes and concerts also music pieces , this talent I have been gifted from being a child , for 2 weeks ago I had enter a contemporary dancing workshop which assured that I have dancing talent and also karizma toward audience , but I can dance upon songs and music without songs , I detected that I have more tendency to dance upon music only rather than songs , I dont know why ? , also I detected that I m too creative on dancing solo rather than dancing with a group , so briefly I m dancing by expressing my feeling toward music tones by self created movement with intutiton no one learn me , just the workshop I had attended last few weeks ago

sorry for prolonging of my case but the questions are regarding that there are lot of kinds of dancing

1- what the kind or name of dancing I do regarding to what I say above ?

2- which dancing type suit me case ? what about its name ?

3- can I be a chareogrpaher ? if yes whats the requirments to do that ?

4- noticed that I m playing org (pinano) had desire to learn music writing ?

5- want your advise noticed that I m 30 yrs old , 74kg , 175 cm height , male

6- dont ask me why you didnt improve your talent from being a child , my answer was on school and universtiy there is no chance or field to do that also personal circumstance moreover my family discourge me , they didnt want to access this career , conidered it as playing or amusement (unfortunately) ? also I have bachelor degree on engineering , the institute I had entered didnt concern about artisitic aspects

please comment,advise,ask any question , also I have videos of my dancing if you want to check

thanks and best regards

Hello ao. It looks to me like there is limited dance training in Egypt for a free-style dancer like yourself.

I only have a search engine to determine that, but all I could find was ballet, Egyptian folk and belly dance.

I think it would be best to ask the workshop teachers what your options are for training.

Working as a choreographer depends on what kind of training you get.

You can go and see all the dance schools in your area look at what they offer. You may like some kind of modern dance classes if there are any.

All the best to you!


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