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My husband & I filed for chapter 7 in July 2013. Everything was finalized with the court date & pre & post classes done. I was shocked to see my paycheck directly garnished this last Friday... Was this illegal? What are the steps to take to return my money asap? Thank you for your help! We have been getting the run around from my attorney, the bankruptcy certificate company, & the LA sheriff department! Desparately need that money for my family's groceries...

Was the creditor scheduled?  It sounds like a creditor was left off your paperwork and didn't know about the bk.  If this has happened before your discharge was entered (which is likely with those dates) this is a violation of the automatic stay that can get you atty fees and punitive damages in a proper case.

A phone call from your attorney should clear this up.  Give the employer your bankruptcy notice and have them stop any further garnishments with a response "employee filed bankruptcy";

if the creditor won't give the money back without a fight, your only option is to file an adversary complaint against them (no filing fee to the court) and get a judgment.  I've never seen a creditor refuse to return improperly garnished funds when our firm has demanded their return under your circumstances.  Even if they were not listed, if yours is a "no asset" case the debt is still discharged. If they're not listed and no discharge entered yet, file an amendment to add them in.

Your attorney should be all over this.


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