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Dear sirs
I am currently going thru a chap 11, and my law firm is doing an ok job I presume. My question is
My law firm has appointed for me a retired banker to do my monthly chap 11 reports. The person is extremely rude and at best his work is mediocre. Do you know or have a list of people that do this kind of work ??
I have been searching and they seem hard to find

Hello Ron:    This guy may or may not be competent (i.e., mediocre?) but if you are making that judgment because of his rude demeanor, that judgment may be premature.   I have been dealing with the bankruptcy bar for over thirty years, and my experience has been that when trustees and creditors attorneys are involved,rudeness and arrogance are the rule rather than the exception.   ON the other hand, if you have questions about the competency of one of the professionals that has been hired to assist in the administration of your case, you should bring those concerns to the attention of your own attorney.     

Insofar as recommending someone specifically to ostensibly take the place of the present accountant/banker, your question does not indicate a location or a judicial district where the chapter 11 case is being heard.    However, as stated above, you should check again with your attorney before you make any rash moves toward shuffling the deck.

I wish you all the best in your efforts at resolving this bankruptcy case.    Chapter 11 cases can be particularly expensive and frustrating.

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