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I got a chapter 7 discharge recently. Then I got sued by a creditor in small claims court. I forgot to list them in the bankruptcy. I just plain forgot about the debt becuase it was a few years old. It was $800, and now they're claiming 5 years of interest. Does the fact that I got a discharge have any affect on this debt, or do I still owe it because I forgot to list it?

This will depend on the way the courts have ruled in your area on this issue. It appears that where you reside (New York) the courts have ruled that if a case was a no asset case and a creditor was left of the schedule accidently then it is treated as discharged. A no asset case is where there were no assets available to distribute to creditors. The creditors received nothing in this case.

The exceptions are of course if it was an asset case where creditors had a right to distribution of assets or where you deliberately left them of the schedule, or where it was a type of debt that is non-dischargeable.  

This is similar in California. I have posted a link to what happens in the 9th circuit California is part of.

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